Perch is a name used to identify fish which belong to the genus Perca, there are many distinct species of perch that are native to different parts of the planet; this makes them one of the most abundant fish on the planet. Perch are fresh water fish that have long rounded bodies and have rough scales.

Perch are popular as sport fishes and as food; the most commonly found type of perch is the yellow perch.

How to identify perch

There are many fish out there that resemble perch but are not part of the perch family, to identify perch you should look for fish that have long, rounded bodies, lidless eyes, a pair of nostrils, and have rough scales. Perch normally reside in ponds, lakes, rivers and even streams.

Perch feed on insects, smaller fish, larvae and shellfish.

They spawn during spring, can grow up to a length of 12 inches and weigh as much as 3 pounds making them good sport fish.

How to catch perch

The first thing that you must learn before you go out fishing is where to find the fish you are after, the best place to fish for perch is in lakes. What you have to do is look for the rocky points and reefs in the lake basin; the reason for this is simple. Perch feed on smaller fish which are mostly found in such areas.

The awesome thing about fishing for perch is you won’t need thick lines or rods to reel them in because perch are not that big. Timing is also very important, the best time to go fishing for perch is early in the morning or late in the evening when the fish are feeding. This is the time that they are most active.

How to bait perch

The good thing about perch is they will go for anything, however, to increase your chances of success you should go for live bait. The two most recommended options here are: worms or minnows. Take note, before you use any type of minnow you should check whether or not it is an invasive species.

If you use species such as Ruffe as bait you should know that you are doing a disservice to the region, you see when you introduce a new invasive species to an ecosystem things will change. The invasive species will compete with the native species for food and in the end balance will be lost, therefore before you go fishing educate yourself on what you can and what you can’t use as bait in the UK. The thing is there are laws that guide what you can use as bait in some areas, if you violate these laws you may face steep fines.

Back to perch, the best option is to use bait that the fish can swallow whole, this also means that you should use a small hook. If you use big hook or large bait the fish will just take your bait and leave the hook. Colors don’t matter here you can use any.