Silver bream

Silver bream is a name used to identify several species of fish found in different parts of the planet, in the UK silver bream refers to a small silver colored fish that is sometimes mistaken for bream i.e. they look like juvenile bream. The only difference is they don’t have slimy bodies.

A good way to identify silver bream is to look at its back; on the back of the fish the color is light brown which is different from bream (Common bream have silver backs depending on species). Another way is to count the scales, the difference between silver bream and common bream is common bream have more than eleven rows of scales in the area between the lateral line and the dorsal fin, silver bream on the other hand have less than ten.

This type of fish resides in slow flowing rivers, canals and sometimes in shallow lakes.

How to spot silver bream

Silver bream rarely grow beyond fifty five centimeters and the average weight is around two to four kilograms, however, some can grow up to seventy five centimeters. The largest ever caught weighed ninety kilograms.

The easiest way to identify is to look at their color and shape of the body, silver bream have a high back flattened body and have a silvery grey color. They also have undershot mouths.


The female silver bream can lay up to 300, 000 eggs during spawning season, the spawning season starts from April and ends in June. It takes them three or four years to fully mature.

Where to catch silver bream

The first thing you must learn is how to identify silver bream; you should also study their feeding patterns. Silver bream are most active early in the morning, late at night and sometimes at daytime. If you are fishing in clear waters you should be able to identify them just by looking.

Remember, there are other species of fish that closely resemble silver bream.

How to catch silver bream

Catching silver bream is not that straight forward, look at it this way, most times the get caught by accident. You should understand that silver bream is a small fish, meaning that you should not use big hooks. Instead, you should go for tackles that are suitable for catching small fish. The good thing is catching silver bream is easy, all you have to do is find areas where they like to feed.

Silver bream feed close to shore and can sometimes be spotted during day time; therefore all that’s needed is a keen eye.

If you are out sport fishing you should consider hunting for other species of fish, you see the thing is, silver bream don’t make very good sport fish. This is because they are easy to find and they won’t put up much of a fight. The most commonly used bait used when fishing for silver beam include: maggots, sweet corn and boilies.

Generally, the best way to catch silver bream is to learn their feeding habits, use the right bait or lure and fish in the right area. And don’t forget it is easy to mistake silver breams with other fish so it pays to learn how to identify them.